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Research Areas: Database Systems, Big Data Science

Research Interests: Cloud Computing and Big Data, AR/VR Offloading, Cloud Gaming

Pei Wang

Research Topics: Data Enrichment with Deep Web

Research Topics: Data Enrichment with Deep Web

About DeepER

We believe that DeepER is a promising new research direction. There are many interesting problems that can be studied in the future. Experiments results over simulated and real hiddenl databases show that SMARTCRAWL can cover a large portion of the local database with a small budget, outperforming straightforward solutions by a factor of 2-7x in a large variety of situations.

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We Are DSL

The mission of our lab is to speed up data science. We develop innovative technologies and open-source tools for data scientists such that they can turn raw data into actionable insights in a more efficient manner. Our current research topics include:

Data Cleaning for Machine Learning

Data Cleaning Advisor for MLRead More

Crowdsourced Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning with Statistical ConstraintsRead More

Data Enrichment with Deep Web

DeepER: Deep Entity Resolution Read More

Interactive Analytics Over Big Data

AQP++: Connecting AQP with AggregateRead More